GCFV Certified 24-Week Program, focusing on issues of power and control, recognizing types of abuse, the cycle of violence,  abusive behaviors, accountability and responsibility. 


Male and female classes offered.


Intake/Assessment: $55.00

Group Session: $30.00

Call (404) 454-2093 for class schedule.

Shoplifting / Theft Prevention

Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

This program is designed to reduce the likelihood of an individual committing a type of theft charge.  It helps participants examine their behavior and attitude.  Participants will learn to identify steps to take, to make a positive change in their lives.


Intake/Assessment: $25.00

Session: $25.00

Shoplifting / Theft Prevention Program: $85.00

Call (404) 454-2093 for class schedule.

"Creating paths, to help bridge the gap"

Participants will address anger issues and inappropriate responses to anger; recognize triggers and acquire different coping skills to assist them once their triggers have been activated. 



Intake/Assessment: $30.00

Group Session: $25.00

Individual Session: $35.00

​Call (404) 454-2093 for class schedule.

Anger Management

Parenting Education

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This program provides empowering educational classes for parents of children of ages 0-17 years. 

Topics include: parenting styles and techniques, parent-child relationships, co-parenting, parental empathy, understanding child maltreatment, and responsible parenting.

We also offer child impact classes for domestic violence offenders. 


Intake/Assessment: $25.00

Session: $20.00

Call (404) 454-2093 for class schedule.